Grapefruit isn't necessarily a category that's the talk of the town, but that doesn't mean it has to be a laggard.

Scott Bennett, produce sales and merchandising manager at Jewel-Osco and our featured retail expert for the March-April issue of the magazine, recounted how his stores infused life into the category when they made a point to focus on grapefruit a couple of years ago.

“We just lit it up on the ad, and it got (shoppers) actually involved in grapefruits," Bennett said. "So we did it every couple weeks, and it actually got the grapefruit category moving. So we’re doing well in grapefruits. Most people don’t, but we do well because we invested in it.

“We invested in it to get trial, and the trial happened, and they got hooked on it again," Bennett said. "We sell a lot of them.”

For more insight from Bennett, check out our profile on him here — plus a video interview and photos of a few of Bennett's "proud and passionate produce managers" showing off their work. For a deeper dive on grapefruit purchasing, check out the infographic below.

Grapefruit stats



Who's buying grapefruit?

Expert Insight — Scott Bennett with Jewel-Osco


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