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For the Aug./Sept. issue of Produce Retailer magazine, marketers gave advice on how to merchandise bananas to increase sales. 


Options rule

  • Offer a variety of bananas, including plantains, manzanos and organics, to appeal to different consumers.
  • Carry a second stock-keeping unit of bagged fruit with smaller clusters to give consumers more options.


Inform your shoppers

  • Promoting health benefits and recipe ideas helps spur sales.
  • Touting the benefits of organic and the sustainability of companies is a great way to merchandise bananas and increase sales.
  • Tackle food waste by showing consumers how to use ripe bananas for baking or peel and freeze for smoothies via point of sale material, flyers or recipes on social media.
  • Inspire home cooks by placing recipe cards at the banana display along with other ingredients needed to make the dish.


Tools other than price

  • Look beyond lowering prices to drive sales. Implementing dual tactics can be more effective in attracting millennials.  
  • Well-stocked secondary display units, especially near complementary products, can produce a 10-15% increase in sales.
  • Color and quality win over price. Consumers want to purchase colors 4 and 5.
  • Engage shoppers digitally and leverage new technologies to attract younger people.

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