The January issue marks the beginning of Volume 30 of Produce Retailer magazine. The first issue of Produce Merchandising ran as an insert to The Packer in October 1988, but did you know even it had a predecessor?

Meet Ideas in Merchandising, published by The Packer semi-annually from 1968 to 1972. Want to know what “The Housewife” wants? It’s in there. Seasonal promotions? Check. Groovy 1960s and 1970s recipes? Oh, yes, with all their gelatin splendor.

Take a look back at Ideas in Merchandising’s citrus features from 1968. We’ll be checking in for more from time to time.


ideas in merchandisingvintage citrusvintage citrusvintage citrusvintage citrus ad


Want more? Check out this gallery at the Produce Retailer Flickr page. 

Ideas in Merchandising: Citrus


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