The face of “bagged salad” is changing. While mixed greens were the up and comer several years ago, consumers are looking for even more flavors and combinations. 
According to The Packer’s Fresh Trends 2018, 50% of customers bought salad mix in the past 12 months. While mixed greens and spring mix were the top performers, with 78% of respondents preferring to purchase, compared to just 55% looking for iceberg mix, the growth of complete kits is the real standout. 
In 2016, complete kits overtook other salad blends as the top choice for consumers, according to FreshFacts on Retail, a report by the United Fresh Produce Association. In the most recent 2017 Year in Review, that lead widened even further, gaining 3.3 percentage points to 34.1% of total salad dollar share. 

salad fresh trends
Graphic by Alison Fulton


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