(Graphic by Brooke Park, digital producer of The Packer. Data from Apartment Guide.)

A new ranking of the best cities for vegetarians includes college towns and metropolises among other types of locales.

Apartment Guide recently released a list that evaluated cities based on their number of vegetarian, vegan and organic dining options compared to the population of the city.

The top five on the list are Charleston, S.C., Berkeley, Calif., Boulder, Colo., Ann Arbor, Mich., and Pittsburgh, Pa.

Charleston has 38 vegetarian restaurants, 21 vegan and four organic, per the ranking. Berkeley — home to the University of California, Berkeley — has 29 vegetarian dining options, 18 vegan and six organic. Boulder — home of the University of Colorado — has 30 vegetarian restaurants, 14 vegan and two organic.

Ann Arbor — home of the University of Michigan — has 27 vegetarian places, 16 vegan and three organic. Pittsburgh has 76 vegetarian spots, 36 vegan and two organic.

Next in the ranking were Savannah, Ga., Salt Lake City, Utah, Orlando, Fla., Portland, Ore, and Richmond, Va.

Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlanta, San Francisco and Washington D.C. are among the cities in the Top 25. The full ranking — from 1 to 50 — is available here.

If your store is in one of these places, how much have you adjusted your assortment or merchandising to account for shoppers who are looking for vegetarian and vegan options?

Maybe you make a point to include vegan or vegetarian recipes on your social media feeds, or maybe you occasionally merchandise together the ingredients for an easy dish that would work for vegetarians and looks appealing for other shoppers as well. How are you leveraging your knowledge of who your shoppers are?


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