Photo from the Cranberry Marketing Committee

Looking to sell more cranberries? Michelle Hogan, executive director of the Cranberry Marketing Committee, Wareham, Mass., has a few suggestions:

  • Display dried cranberries and cranberry juice in the produce department along with fresh cranberries “to make a visual connection for shoppers.”
  • Highlight recipes and serving suggestions for each form of cranberries so shoppers have reasons to buy all three.
  • Display fresh cranberries in rustic wooden crates to further connect the fruit with the farms they come from.
  • Display fresh cranberries with other seasonal produce – no matter the season — along with a recipe or serving suggestion to inspire shoppers to add cranberries to their meals.
  • During the summer, cross-merchandise cranberry juice with ice pop molds and fresh fruit to create refreshing ice pops, and feature dried cranberries with store-prepared potato salads and slaw for summer barbecues.

The Cranberry Marketing Committee has expanded fresh cranberries’ footprint in-store, bridging into floral departments, Hogan said.

“With their bright-hued reds and pearl-like shape, cranberries enhance tablescapes, brighten floral and candle arrangements and bejewel wreaths and garlands,” she said.

The committee has a handout and video that shows shoppers how they can enhance their store-bought floral arrangements with fresh cranberries.

The Cranberry Marketing Committee also has unveiled its new retail website that provides one-stop access to retail-specific cranberry messages, recipes and resources for retailers and suppliers to use to create promotions that drive year-round cranberry sales in-store, Hogan said.

“Retailers and suppliers can use the site — — to access resources to use to create impactful sales promotions,” she said.

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