Retail consulting firm Brick Meets Click has launched its 2019 e-commerce benchmarking initiative to help grocers evaluate and improve their online sales performance.

Since the initiative began in 2016, the pool of retailers involved has expanded from 19 banners to 26, and the goal is to include more than 36 banners this year, according to a news release.

“The benchmarking is based on retail sales and causal data provided by either the participating grocer or their solution provider,” Brick Meets Click said in the release. “It analyzes sales at the customer and transaction level to understand how the active customer base, order frequency and average order value are affected by different variables, such as the length of time that a customer has shopped a grocer online, the location of the store, the age of the online service and even the features of the service.”

Insights from the initiative will be delivered through reports and webinars.

Retailers who participate will receive a special report in the fall that puts their performance in context of the broader industry, and overall perspective will be shared in a public webinar and report later in the year.

“Grocers of all sizes and types are hungry for these insights,” David Bishop, partner and program lead for Brick Meets Click, said in the release. “And, because there are many ways grocers are competing online, expanding the number of store banners helps to further strengthen the value of the insights.

“Retailers who want to make more informed decisions about where and how to allocate limited resources to drive stronger results online have several ways to gain insights from this initiative,” Bishop said.


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