LAS VEGAS — Avocados From Mexico has partnered with e-commerce solutions company Chicory to make the many recipes on the AFM website “shoppable.”

Now each recipe has a Get Ingredients button, and shoppers can click that button, enter their zip code, and choose the retailer from which they would like to order the items needed for the recipe. Those items are then automatically added to a digital cart on the website of the selected retailer.

Chicory CEO Yuni Sameshima described the opportunity to increase sales through the platform at new event Groceryshop, which focuses on innovation in the industry.

“Avocado toast is one of our most popular recipes — trending, right?” Sameshima said Oct. 29. “Just avocado and toast — but one is in the produce section and the other in the bread section. It’s a problem. But those boundaries are broken down with online.”

Chicory has partnered with more than 1,000 websites to provide the Get Ingredients button and harness the power of recipes. Sameshima said the button is effective because shoppers are not usually shopping for individual items but rather collections of items — with meals in mind.

“Solutions are the seeds of the grocery list, and there’s no more powerful solution than recipes,” Sameshima said. “There are over 1 billion Google searches done each month for recipes. 84% of shoppers use recipes and look at recipes on their phone while they’re shopping in-store, and 77% of women use recipes to start their shopping list.”

Avocados From Mexico is the first fresh produce brand to partner with Chicory.

“We at Avocados From Mexico are looking forward to growing the shoppable recipes and being a part of the innovative digital grocery shopping space as we continue to evolve our digital capabilities in ways that are unexpected from a fresh produce brand,” Alvaro Luque, president of Avocados From Mexico, said in a news release. “These kinds of approaches, which are executed with the speed and flexibility that characterizes our organization, are what have allowed us to become pioneers in the industry in the digital space. The integration of e-commerce into our platform, through this partnership with Chicory, is more proof of our constant drive for innovation. At the same time, we stay committed to implementing the powerful in-store shopper programs that have proven to be so successful for our brick-and-mortar retail partners.”

Another e-commerce upgrade for Avocados From Mexico is the launch of its Avocado Salad Center, which collects recipes in that category. Salads are the No. 2 usage for avocados after guacamole, according to the organization.


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