Retail avocado prices dropped 9.3% while total dollars increased by 11.2% for the  four weeks ending Dec. 3, according to the latest retail scan data.

Avocado sales gains of 11.2% for the four week period ending Dec. 3 compares to the all-produce sales gain of 3.6%.

The Hass Avocado Board said that category volume for the four weeks ending Dec. 3 increased 22.7%, with all U.S. markets except Chicago (-4.6%) and Hartford/Springfield (-0.5%) showing volume gains.

Using IRI Freshlook data,  the Hass Avocado Board estimated size 60 and smaller avocados grew 15.7% in sales for the four week ending Dec. 3. Bagged avocado sales grew 26.6% for the four week period ending Dec. 3, while sales of organic avocados slid 12.3%.

Markets with the top avocado sales growth for the four week period ending Dec. 3 were Albany (up 40.1%), Northern New England (up 33.3%) and Pittsburgh (up 26.4%).

Markets with the top volume growth, according to the Hass Avocado Board, were Indianapolis (up 57.7%), Northern New England (up 47.6%) and Cincinnati/Dayton (up 43.8%).

The Hass Avocado Board said all U.S. regions were outperforming the three-year average in the latest 52-week period, with the U.S. total average showing sales are running 28% higher than the three-year average.


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