Photo taken by a consumer for Field Agent, special to The Packer and Produce Retailer

What do shoppers like most about the experience at the recently opened Amazon Go Grocery in Seattle? We undertook a small-scale research project to find out.

In this article, we’ll share the answers to that question, but you can check out more consumer reaction to the format elsewhere on our site. To see the dozens of photos these folks sent in of the new store’s produce department, check out three 1-minute slideshows here to get a feel for store layout, assortment, pricing, stocking conditions over the course of a week, and more. To see what shoppers said about whether they’d come back and shop the store again, check out Part 1 of this article.

Back to the topic at hand — what the folks who visited the store said they liked most about the shopping experience. Here are their responses, lightly edited for punctuation, capitalization and overall readability.

“Super easy and convenient, and the prices are competitive.”

“It was efficient.”

“Checkout process as no cashier or waiting in line to check out.”

“It’s fresh and modern.”

“It is cool! It’s not crowded, and I like that it’s attached to my Amazon account.”

Amazon Go Grocery
Graphic by Field Agent special to The Packer and Produce Retailer


“Everything was accessible and looked good.”

“The friendly, helpful staff. The bright lighting. The relaxed environment. The speed.”

“Walking in and out.”

“The outstanding thing about the supermarket is the collection. They have everything from fruit, vegetables, bakery and fresh herbs. and the prices it’s actually not expensive.”

“The entire store is interesting.”

“The prices are phenomenal. Half of what I pay at QFC.”

“I was pleasantly surprised by the experience! Felt just like a typical grocery store but smaller and with a lot of the items that I would purchase at a bigger store. They cater to the demographic which would shop at a mix of regular grocery stores and Whole Foods. The checkout process was simple, just leave!”

“The store is bright and the process seems very simple.”

“The check-in process. Much easier than thought.”

“Free parking.”

“Easy to enter once you have the app set up.”

“I really enjoyed how large and airy the store was. There were associates throughout the store to help answer questions, but no one was overbearing.”

“It’s fun.”


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