New York Apple Sales has partnered with the Ibotta app to offer shoppers discounts on proprietary apple varieties like Koru, SnapDragon and EverCrisp.

Cash back amounts range from $0.25 to $1.50, according to a news release. 

“Informing customers that cash savings are available on their favorite apples through the Ibotta app has certainly helped drive new shoppers to our products and has increased sales for both the retailer and for us, the supplier,” Jim Allen, vice president of sales and marketing at New York Apple Sales, said in the release. “In addition, the app offers a simple and quick way for the customer to reap significant savings on our apples. It’s a win-win.”

Crunch Time Apple Growers announced in January a $1.00 coupon for SnapDragon on Ibotta.

“Snapdragon has a tremendous social media following and the Ibotta program is a dynamic tool that links our online fans to sales at checkout,” Allen said in the release. “The program is measurable, easy to redeem and seamless for both the customers and the retailers.”

The Ibotta website shows that other produce items on which shoppers can get cash back include Jazz, Envy and Lady Alice apples, Florida strawberries, diced mushrooms, and navel oranges, pummelos, cara caras, blood oranges and lemons.


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