Preparations for the launch of the highly touted Cosmic Crisp apple have begun, and the industry is building an expansive marketing campaign around the fruit.

Packaging, in-store programs, influencers, digital media outreach and high-profile events will be among the elements of the campaign, according to a news release.

With many Washington growers having invested in Cosmic Crisp trees in recent years, more than 2 million boxes of the apples are expected to be in the market for the 2020 season.

“The Cosmic Crisp apple is a one-of-a-kind variety,” Kathryn Grandy, director of marketing for Proprietary Variety Management, the firm in charge of the launch of the variety, said in the release. “Our marketing campaign will build consumer awareness and demand to match the caliber of this high-value apple. We’re in a unique position to set the bar, and we have the industry and partner support to make it happen.”

Proprietary Variety Management has selected McDill Associates as the lead agency for the project.

“With a deep history in produce, I can honestly say we know a game changer when we see it,” McDill Associates president and creative director Melissa McDill said in the release. “Cosmic Crisp is everything that a consumer is looking for and creates a differentiator for retailers. We’re looking forward to partnering with PVM to bring Washington state apple growers an effective launch and ongoing success.”


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