Three years ago, I bought my first Instant Pot on Amazon Prime Day.

A year ago, that sentence would have been a foreign language to many of my readers.

Even six months ago, I stood on a stage during a presentation explaining what Prime day is to a crowd of retailers, growers and shippers and many people still hadn’t heard of it.

The fact was, Prime day – think Black Friday JUST for Amazon – just wasn’t relevant for produce retail.

Until now.

Whole Foods is getting in on the fun this year, and it’s not just for a day. Starting today, July 11, through July 17, Prime members get a special $10 bonus for their Prime Day spending by shopping at Whole Foods in-store.

But wait, that’s not all. They also get:

  • Up to $20 bonuses for trying Prime Now delivery (in available markets);
  • 10% cash back for using the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa
  • Exclusive Prime offers in-store, in addition to the other Prime discounts at Whole Foods.

The company teased 2/$5 1-pound organic strawberries in the news release, but I suspect there’s a whole lot more to be had in produce as well.

I’ve been fascinated by Prime Day ever since it launched. It’s Genius, right? Amazon’s managed create its own special Black Friday-like event, and by not announcing it until shortly before it happens, most retailers can’t jump in on the fun.

They also mine a tremendous amount of data from this, too. At the end of 2017, they released some fantastic insights about Prime Day spending trends, and I’m sure they’ve pulled all kinds of insights out of other Prime Day events to use to incite impulse spending other times of the year.

And guess what? In 2017, the Instant Pot was the No. 1 item purchased on Prime Day.

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again – every retailer and every produce brand needs to be working on Instant Pot-friendly recipes, because we haven’t yet seen the peak of Instant Pot with consumers.




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