Bananas are big sellers. Keep your category at its peak, with this advice from Kevin Frye of AgroFresh:


> Strive for perfect color.

Retailer experience shows consumers prefer to purchase and eat bananas at color stage 5 or 6, when bananas have bright yellow peels and firm pulp.


> Right-size your displays.

If the banana display table is too large, fruit doesn’t turn over fast enough to maintain freshness. Too small requires too frequent restocking. Also consider the traffic flow in the produce department, since good-looking bananas tempt impulse buys.


> Consider display surfaces.

Since bananas bruise easily, a soft padded surface is best. Be sure to display bananas in a single layer with the stems up. 


> Manage inventory.

Accuracy in sales forecasting is another key to a successful banana program — or a potential headache for you.


> Don’t forget the back room.

An effective display starts while fruit is staged for stocking. If the back room is unrefrigerated or not air conditioned during hot weather, stored bananas will continue to ripen — potentially beyond the optimal color stage.

Need more tips? Visit the Produce Market Guide Bananas commodity page for Fresh Trends, sales, merchandising and storage information.

Still looking? Here’s a gallery of bananas at retail, from the Produce Retailer Flickr page.

Banana Display Photos

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