From a social media-based ad campaign featuring Millennial women who shaved their heads for a years’ worth of free avocados, to Andy Richter’s anti(but really pro) avocado rant, it’s clear that – at least in the produce world – avocados won the Super Bowl.

I asked attendees of the Fresh Trends Quiz Show at the Global Organic Produce Expo who they thought would win the Super Bowl and gave them four choices:

  • The Eagles
  • The Patriots
  • What? I don’t Sportsball
  • Guacamole!


And, by one percentage point, The Patriots edged out guacamole. Someone pointed out that if I adjust for standard statistical deviation of +/- 3 points, then Avocados won!

guacamole won the super bowl


Avocados from Mexico has become well known for its Super Bowl ads, and this year’s got plenty of kudos from the media, but what’s even better than the commercial itself is all the related buzz that comes with it.

Andy Richter (co-host of Conan O’Brien’s show CONAN on TBS and the inspiration for that REM lyric “Andy did you hear about this one?” from Man on the Moon) went off on a hilarious rant about avocados:

"Can you name another fruit made of green mashed potatoes with a brown golfball encased in an alligator's [redacted]skin?"

Andy’s got a point, avocados don’t really have a Coke vs. Pepsi direct competitor.

And you have to check out the video about the gal who convinced her friend to get #avocadohair for a years’ supply of free avocados (and tickets to the Super Bowl, but that wasn’t disclosed until after the stunt).

Guys. Avocados are winning.

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