I'm keeping a running list of all the food trends predictions I see for 2018 in one place, starting Whole Foods' Top 10. Keep checking back for updates!

1. Whole Foods Top 10 Food Trends for 2018

Root-to-stem, a deeper dive into Middle Eastern cooking, alternative tacos and edible floral top this annual favorite from Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market Inc. 


2. University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

This list, put together by faculty, was covered by my colleague Clinton Griffiths at AgDay TV and includes bug-based protein, backyard yeggs, budget foodies, reducing food waste, home food entrepreneurs and locally grown. 


3. Rabobank's FoodBytes

Sixty up-and-coming companies pitched their new ideas and trends to FoodBytes!. Trending topics included clean makeovers of existing products, plant-based foods, food waste reduction and increased efficiency through smart technology. 


4. Andrew Freeman & Co

This highly-anticipated annual look at restaurant and hospitality trends includes "fine casual," upscale counter service, Israeli cuisine, "colorful food," the more photo-friendly, the better, creative uses for food waste, vegetable entrees, regional Mexican cuisine, high-end alcohol-free drinks, and cocktails using kitchen byproducts like beet trimmings and leftover fruit. 


5. Waitrose Ltd.'s Food & Drink Report

This retailer from across the pond produces a detailed annual report based on a consumer survey, sales trends and in-house expert analysis. This year's predictions include "Indian Street Food," "Japanese 'Dude' Food," "Fourth Meal" and "plant proteins."


6. Ranker's Food Trends That Will Be A Thing In 2018

This list, compiled by Ranker visitors, includes plant-based diets, food source transparency, casual dining, comfort food for "hard political times," and "specific meal kits." 


7. Unilever Food Solutions 2018 Food Trend Predictions

This one, illustrated with GORGEOUS photos, picks up on Poke bowls, hybrid food, plant-based dining, fermented foods (which Produce Retailer covered in July, btw), colored edibles & floral flavors. 


8. 8 Healthy Food Trends for 2018

Nutritionist Kim Pearson sees bowl foods, low alcohol/no alcohol/healthier alcoholic drinks, healthier/artisan gluten free alternativves, plant based diets, shunning traditional breakfast, local, seasonal superfoods, vegan treat foods, and plant proteins gaining popularity in 2018. 


9. DMA's Top Influencer Trends to Watch

InstantPot, “produce hacks” and fundamental cooking education top 2018 trends gathered from the pool of influencers that work with DMA Solutions Inc.

10. Dataessential's top 10 flavors to watch in 2018

Black garlic is back, and persimmons are the one of the hottest fruits on menus, according to this list. 

11. The National Restaurant Association's 2018 culinary forecast

This list includes vegetable carb substitutes like jicama taco shells and cauliflower rice, Peruvian cuisine, veggie-centric, and uncommon herbs. The list also says heirloom fruits and vegetables, meal kits, nutrition and protein-rich grains/seeds are "cooling down" and meals in Mason jars, bitter melon, vegetable noodles and pumpkin spice are OVER. 

12. BBC's 10 food trends for 2018

Timut pepper, a spiky, zesty, grapefruity pepper from Nepal is expected to be a big condiment in 2018. The BBC also sees hyper local ingredients, sourced "within walking distance," plant-based protein and "everyday food tech" will be winners next year. 

13. 'Swiss army knife' foods gain traction

Consumers are looking for function as well as flavor from their foods, like antioxidants and melatonin from tart red cherries, and "living" produce, with roots intact, for more nutrients and longer shelf life. Shishito peppers also will heat up, thanks to their "active capsaicin and antioxidants."

14. Southern Living wants Meal Kits to go away in 2018

Lisa Cericola, food editor for Southern Living, sees meal kits trending down in 2018. "Sure, these kits save time spent in the grocery store and take the work out of meal planning, but you pay a premium for that convenience. And in the end, you're still cooking -- even if someone else chooses the recipes and preps all of the ingredients for you." 

15. Seaweed? 

Civil Eats predicts seaweed will make it big this year. While it's been around for several years, particularly in Asia, the U.S. market demand is starting to pick up, thanks to being mentioned by Today, MarketWatch and Whole Foods. 

16. Will rutabagas overtake cauliflower?

Food Dive took a look at Instacart's search trends for 2017, and based on what Instacart's seeing, rutabagas could overtake cauliflower as the darling of carb substitutes in 2018. 

17. Fresh Thyme Farmers Market's 2018 predictions

Meghan Sedivy, registered dietitian for Fresh Thyme Farmers Market says plant based diets will bring things like beets, spinach, pecans and sweet potatoes to the forefront, along with jackfruit and other meat alternatives. Moringa, a tree leaf from India also offers a complete protein option, as well as avocados eaten in non-traditional ways. 

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