I let my 4-year-old son Ike have a go at Ready Pac’s new Cool Cuts line for kids. We played around with them for a little before we started filming so Ike was excited to find stickers and temporary tattoos inside.

Pamela's Kitchen: Ready Pac’s Cool CutsHe ate every bit of the chicken with veggies and dip and thought the taco salad was tasty. I was very impressed to find roasted sweet corn and black beans. That salad was very good.

The peel-off film was a little challenging to open, so I could see how younger children might have some trouble, but Ike at the rest of the samples Ready Pac sent to us for his lunches at preschool and I had no complaints from his teacher.

The portion sizes seemed right on, though with the price tag I’m not sure this is a feasible everyday lunch, but it’s definitely an option for a fun, healthful treat in our house.