Seed company rolls out brussels sprout-kale crossBERLIN — It took 16 years to get a workable product, but Tozer Seeds Ltd. has a cross of two of the hottest vegetables in the consumer market.

Flower Sprouts are a nongenetically modified hybrid cross between brussels sprouts and kale that produces a stalk small rosette “flower” heads of kale. The heads have streaks of purple edged with frilly leaves.

The flavor is a great combination between the nutty taste of kale and sweet flavor of brussels sprouts, said David Rogers, United Kingdom sales director for Tozer Seeds.

“It’s very versatile, very easy to use,” he said. “It takes no preparation and can be stir-fried, steamed or even microwaved.”

Rogers said the company offers Flower Sprouts in the United Kingdom, available at select retailers, but it’s also grown in California.

“We’re very optimistic that it’s going to be available in various countries around the world very soon,” he said.