TORONTO, Ontario -- Starting with the New Zealand crop this summer, Jazz apples have an all new look and image. The "refresh" includes an entire suite of materials, from a new website, social media and other online support to in-store marketing and merchandising materials. 

It was time for Jazz apples to refresh the brand, says David Nelley of The Oppenheimer Group, Vancouver, British Columbia. Of the “new” varieties, Jazz is one of the most well-established, Nelley says.

“It’s one of the only ‘new’ varieties that is truly 12 months,” he says. “When you look at these varieties, Pink Lady and up, they’re No. 3 for sales, with a fairly wide distribution.”

To support the “refresh” Jazz apples reformatted its website jazzapples.com, and has all new shipper units designed to fit together like puzzle pieces to create a high-impact display.

Nelley says Oppy’s business development managers are working with retailers for display contests and coordinated promotions with other New Zealand fruit, like Zespri SunGold kiwifruit.

“From a sales perspective, I love everything about the refresh,” he says. “Jazz needed some reenergizing. It’s a good time to refresh for customers.”

The company expects New Zealand fruit to start arriving in June.


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