The National Mango Board’s annual Mango Mania Display Contest is just a few weeks away.

The Orlando-based board plans to give away $8,800 in cash prizes, plus entry gift card incentives up to $30 in Amazon gift cards – that’s a $15 Amazon gift card for entering, and a $15 Amazon gift card if you entry also includes Tajin seasoning.

Pretty sweet, right?

Go here for official contest rules and entry information and HERE to download a kit with contest materials.

So, what makes a great Mango Mania Display Contest entry? The board offers these eight handy tips:

  • Build a display that’s attractive, eye-catching and easy for customers to shop.
  • Visit mango.org/retail to learn more about mangoes, but do not order additional POS materials. Only one Mango Mania Display Contest Kit may be used per store.
  • Be sure your photos are in focus. Blurry photos can make a great display look just so-so.
  • Submit your entry online at mango.org/contest. The system is easy to use, and will be faster than mailing in your entry.
  • If you must submit via mail, download the entry form at mango.org/contest and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Digital photos are required for all entries, either via the online entry system, or by sending a USB jump drive or CD with your entry form. 
  • Before starting your online entry, gather the following information:
  1. The store name, address and phone number
  2. Your title and email address 3. Number of registers in your store
  3. Number of stores in your chain
  4. Start date for the display in your photos
  5. End date for the display in your photos
  6. Mango sales for the display period listed
  7. Mango sales for the same period in 2016
  8. Are results stated in dollars, boxes, pounds or number of mangoes
  • Your online entry must be finished in one session, so be sure you have your digital photos and all of the information listed above ready to go before starting your entry.


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