Woah, what happened with cauliflower rice?

Turns out, the Today Show happened.

The Today Show on NBC featured a segment on the product July 11, and the Google Trends search interest shot up after a few months of tapering downward. I caught a few minutes of the segment, and usual show hosts tried all kinds of different dishes made with the value-added product, including pizza, fried rice and even hummus. 

I checked out the Today Show blog for follow-up, and they’re saying that some Trader Joe’s stores are even instituting two-bag limits for their riced cauliflower.


Check out the past 30 days on Google Trends and you’ll see a definite bump.

It’s even more dramatic when you look at the past five years.

Thanks, Today Show. There’s lots of riced cauliflower to go around – and not just at Trader Joe’s.

This reminds me of something Tom Williams of Coborn’s said at United FreshMKT last month. Retailer don’t just have to worry about the latest recipe in the Sunday paper. They have to worry about what came out on the internet TODAY.

So, brace yourselves. People are coming for your chopped up cauliflower (Rice, Crumbles, Etc.).





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