If you want to shine a spotlight on your table grape category, Chilean muscat grapes are the way to do it, says Karen Brux, managing director, North America for the San Carlos, Calif.-based Chilean Fresh Fruit Association.

“Muscat grapes have such a unique look and taste that they’re really effective in drawing attention to and elevating the entire grape category,” she says. The important thing to note about muscat grapes is that this is a niche variety that most shoppers won’t recognize, she says. When shoppers try them, they buy them, so in-store demos or self-sampling stations are key. They have a “delicate, pleasant, musky floral taste,” she says, and the color varies from rosy pink with a green background to golden-yellow.

And they’re nutritious, she says.

♥ Muscat grapes are an excellent source of vitamins C, A and K.

♥ Grapes can help lower blood pressure and improve overall heart function. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration gave the green light to the American Heart Association’s request to add grapes to the list of “Heart Healthy” fruits and vegetables.

♥ Studies show eating grapes could help prevent blood clots, and they inhibit oxidation of bad LDL cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease.

♥ Resveratrol found in grape skins can help inflammation, which is good news for arthritis sufferers.

♥ Grapes help prevent macular degeneration, reduce bladder damage in men with enlarged prostates and prevent osteoporosis.


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