It's chili season again, and the roasters have eyes watering and nostrils burning...but it's a good kind of burn. 

Retailers around the Southwest -- and beyond -- have roasters set up and are taking advantage of the seasonal craze for Hatch, Pueblo and other chilis. 

Here's Lucky's in Longmont roasting some Colorado Pueblo chilis. 


And Mollie Stone's in the Bay Area is getting ready to roast with partner Melissa's World Variety Produce. 


And Frieda's Specialty Produce is helping out with Ralph's in Southern California, among other locations. 



Central Market, the granddaddy of Hatch festivals outside of New Mexico, is celebrating 22 years of roasty goodness. 

central market hatch


Here's my ode to roasted peppers. Have fun!

An ode to chili roasting


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