Are we in Europe? 

This produce department doesn't look real. 


1. If it looks high fashion, that might be due in part to produce manager Anthea Cemilleri, whose background is in fashion merchandising. Just look at the water bottles that make up the lower level of the display. 



2. The prices seemed pretty unreal, too, until I saw California cherries at another store for $16.98 a pound. 



3. Our tour guide said this store's not for families, it's for socialites. The cold pressed juice is a work of art, even when it's settled -- a state where most of these don't look too appetizing. 

cold pressed juice


4. More works of art. This time, it's the fresh-cut display. 



You have to see the rest, in this slideshow from the Produce Retailer Flickr GalleryPusateri's Fine Foods


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