CORRECTED: WISErg finds bountiful harvest in retail leftovers

In an effort to create less — and do more with — retail waste, a Redmond, Wash.-based company offers a system focused on more than just the end product. ... Read More


Ocean Mist adds baby broccoli

Ocean Mist Farms has added baby broccoli to its vegetable lineup. ... Read More


Watermelon bin bids for nationwide adoption

The National Watermelon Association is urging retailers, shippers and paper companies to replace existing watermelon bins with a new preprint bin aimed at a consistent look nationwide and fewer stock-keeping units. ... Read More


FDA launches Food Code Reference System

Federal officials rolled out a Web tool they say will help industry, the public and regulators better understand the Food and Drug Administration’s Food Code. ... Read More


Gourmet Trading starts California blueberries early

Gourmet Trading Co., is getting an early start on The Golden State’s blueberries. ... Read More


California table grape acreage up 7%

California table grape acreage rose 7% in 2013. ... Read More


Test checkers' produce I.D.
“Oh my! Is this bok choy?” the cashier asked, examining the vegetable closely.

“I believe it is baby bok choy,” I answered.

She spun the little price look-up wheel on the checkstand. “Well, all I’ve got here is bok choy. That’s okay, isn’t it?” She rang it up without waiting a reply.
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Start prepping for Easter’s onslaught
Easter sales rank just behind July Fourth and Christmas. Fresh produce adorns every part of the big meal. It’s important to prepare a produce merchandising scheme now to maximize sales and profit margins. Here are a few notes from the holiday file.
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Looking out for No. 1 -- bananas, that is
How does the average produce department manager regard the top-selling produce item? He takes it for granted. Often under-regarded, nothing else in the produce aisle requires anywhere near the same amount of preparation and care as bananas. On the same token, no other item consistently sells so well either. According the The Packer’s 2013 Merchandising Guide, bananas lead all produce categories, providing nearly 6% of a produce department’s sales.
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Get your Gator Eggs
This is a review of packaging more than it is a process or product, but I have to tell you as a new mom (again), I love the idea of Gator Eggs. They’re baby food sized! Read More

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